Devon Chef Recipes

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Apple Day Specials

Pork steaks with apple and sage, a traditional combination with a sophisticated twist.

Pork and apple burgers, simple to make and very tasty.

Apple dappy pudding, traditional Devon recipe that is a tastier response to Chelsea buns.

Traditional Devon

Squab pie

Squab Pie

Squab pie. Is it pigeon, is it crow? No, it’s lamb.

Exeter pudding. Mrs Beeton featured it but this recipe is a touch slimmed down for 21st century waistlines.

Exeter Pudding

Exeter Pudding

Using Fish

French style fish soup

Winter Warmers

Autumnal Apple Soup. I made a version of this for the 2013 Apple Day at Quickes. Thanks to all those who made suggestions about the recipe.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic Mulled Devon Drinks

Mulled Cider & Apple Juice

Mulled Cider & Apple Juice

Tempting Basics

They may be easy to make but they’ll still make you drool:

Indian Recipes

Spice up your life with these simple but very tasty dishes (most are great for vegetarians):

Middle Eastern Recipes

Whether you’ve benefited from this cookery course or not, you’ll love these tasty dishes:

A green vegetable curry

This Thai influenced curry is fragrant rather than spicy hot, and provides a warming alternative to the usual cold weather foods. Download the recipe for A Thai influenced green curry.